-Today's Whispers 8th December, 2016 - (Updated At 04:20 PM)
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Demonitization by PM and Whispers

The idea of banning high denomination notes was published by WIC on Feb 22, 2010 and again in March 2010.


The two news items in the above context were written by N Natarajan and was published with a question of Political Will ! Now action by the Prime Minister has shown that such political will still prevails in this country.



This is History ( 450 )
With the growth of nationalism, the idea of "my country right or wrong" developed.





Going by British style, Modi should be given two more terms !
There is a growing thinking among Narendra Modi fans that going by the British style, he should be given at least two more terms to set the things right and put the country on the right track. British, it may be pointed out here, used to give three years to any Collector or Police superintendent to give desired results. First year used to be given for understanding the district, second year for policy making and third year for implementing the same.


Were notes of MPs changed very next day ?

Rumour mill says that notes of certain MPs, particularly those belonging to the BJP and the NCP, were changed in huge quantity the very next day of demonetization declaration by the PM. Is it a fact ?


"Demonetisation - a boon for Banking Industry"

Known for having showed her acumen in various segment in the banking industry, Mrs. Trishna Guha, who is presently Executive Director in Dena Bank, is of the view that demonetization - brought in by the Modi government recently - would be largely beneficial for banking industry. In an informal chat with the Whispers In The Corridors (Editor- Sanjay Sharma & Vice President - Abul Hassan) during her recent visit to Bhopal, Mrs. Guha said that with huge increase in deposits following demonetization, banks will now not be compelled to borrow money because of rise in low cost deposits.

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Desh ko matt rokko...
My Stock Broker friend and I had decided to meet again...so today we meet at a Nariman Point Coffee Shop and over Cold Coffees and Sandwiches we get chatting.
Me: So now there is news that a lot of Black Money has been recycled via Banks….. crooked Staff in many Banks have been recycling a lot of money and making a lot of money for themselves …
Friend: And now they say that 80% of the 1000 and 500 have been deposited…. on 28th of November RBI had announced that 55% of Notes had been deposited …so it's intriguing that in just a few days 25% Notes have been deposited….
M: How's this whitewashing been managed by the crooked lot in Banks….
F: See initially …. Notes were exchanged over the Counter nefariously …. then Bank Staff used Shell Company Accounts…. known Benami Accounts ….Dormant Accounts ....
M: And then I hear many individuals and Companies helped in whitewashing.....
F : There are Cash Rich Companies …. like Rice Shellers…..Foodgrain Millers…. Jewelry …. Big Stores etc….. all have been used to whitewash currency…
M: And I'm sure the nefarious deposits via corrupt Bank Officials and other Jugaads include a lot of Counterfeit currency….
F: They have not have bothered to check out the genuineness of the Deposits and the Currency….
M: Where have the Deposits reached .....
F: Chalo if we go by the 80% figure than doing a rough per day calculation I think the figure on 31st December will cross 17 lac crores….. isn't it odd… as per RBI 14.4 lac crores Notes have been printed …. so from where has this additional amount come from…
M: Only plausible cause can be Counterfeit Notes… which means firstly ….. the Counterfeit Notes were grossly undervalued….. and a lot of the Counterfeit Notes were accepted by Banks!!!
F: So now the rumor that Government has rehired retired Income Tax Officers makes sense … which means now the Deposits will be verified thoroughly…seems the Whitewashed ammount is staggering ...
M: Yes …but if people thought that just depositing Notes would make their money white they were grossly wrong….. as it's the Income Tax that will verify and then only will the amount deposits become white…
F: This exercise is long drawn out….
M: Hopefully the cash position will normalize in 20 days…..Modi committed in 50 days Cash position will be normal…
F: Should be...... printing of 500 Notes is in full swing …. Government would like to make up to some extent via lower denominations. Normalize the situation!!!
M: What does the Opposition want …. holding up both Houses!!!!
F: I think on the front it's …. we want Modi in the House for the Debate on Demonetization …. but the real reason is … what will we say if there is a Debate!!!
M: Looks like it…. because Modi had come to Rajya Sabha and sat through the din and even after the House was adjourned in the hope the Demonetization Debate would start….
F: There are very important Legislations that need to be passed….
M: I don't know but I have a feeling that in the last 2 days things will move….
F: Why …..
M: Well they know the Public is with Modi and they are seen as 'spoilers' …..
F: The BJP needs to step on the gas on letting Public know what's being held up and do this vociferously…. like Opposition did not even allow Disabilities Bill to be Tabled….
M: But I am also sure Government has a Plan B in place if this 'hold up' continues!!! Today the RBI has kept Rates unchanged!!!
F: I think it's correct…. there is going to be some loss of momentum in the economy for a Quarter or so….. Notes availability is controlled …. Inflation is another factor……. Banks have on their own already reduced rates...what's wrong with Farroukh Abdullah…
M: Arre Mr. Flip Flop…. he's kept the Caveats ….like 'Right Cause' etc. At the opportune time he will do a backward flip….
F: Yaar these guys are simply too much…. why did Advani have to complain aloud about the House not running…. he was present and he witnessed who is holding up the House…. why blame Speaker and Parliamentary Affairs Minister… if he had a grouse against them he could have called them and spoken to them in private….
M: Yes why .....when he knows anything derogatory for the Government and it'll be grabbed by Opposition and its Pally Media…
F: To me he's taking his role as Maarag Darshak seriously ..only the nishaana of his guidance is grossly wrong….it seems he's doing Maarag Darshak work for the Opposiiton…
Disclaimer : Satire. Not meant to influence or inform. With inputs from MSM, SM and Blogs







Kaun Banega IB Chief ? (4)

Name of Special Director S K Sinha is also doing the round for the top post. 1983 batch IPS officer of Biharcadre Sinha is reportedly being groomed by the present IB Chief Dineshwar Sharma because of his competence. He is also considered expert in Pakistan affairs.





ED raid on 50 banks

As reported earlier, Banks are on the radar of various agencies for their alleged role in making black money white. ED on Wednesday raided about 50 banks in this connection. These are SBI, BOB, BOI, ICICI AXIS BANK, ALLAHABAD Bank.





Will a CPO Chief face music ?

Will a head of a CPO face music ? Infact, an infiltration comment of the CPO Chief has now put him in trouble. Outcome will be known soon.






Kshatrapati shivaji joins as ED of ADB

CMD of the SIDBI Kshatrapati Shivaji has joined as Executive Director of Asian Development Bank in Manila. He is 1986 batch IAS officer of Maharashtra cadre.






Seven Customs officers relieved to join Directorate of Enforcement

As many as seven officers belonging to Indian Revenue Service of Customs & Central Excise cadre have been relieved to join Directorate of Enforcement on deputation basis for a period of three years. The officers are: Shailender Kumar Deshmukh, Subodh Kumar, Sachin Sawant, Duesh Kumar Sheoran, Kapil Yadav, Manish Godara and Kapil Raj.






Vacancies in Railways safety department not filled for long

Several posts in Railways safety department have not been filled for long. This has come to the fore after spate of accidents in the recent past.






Ish Kumar to join NCRB ?

Dr Ish Kumar is likely to join NCRB in the Government of India. He is 1985 batch IPS officer of Telangana cadre.






DRMs likely to be reshuffled

About one dozen DRMs are likely to be reshuffled. According to sources, Railway Board is monitoring performance of DRMs and performance of 2-3 DRMs is said to be below the required numbers.






Singh to be relieved on Dec 9

Rakesh Kumar Singh, who has been appointed Addl Secretary in CIC , would be relived on December 9, 2016 from his parent department. Presently he is posted as IFA, Coast Guard, New Delhi. He is a 1983 batch IDAS officer.





Subrat Das applies for Kolkata based Joint Secretary level posting

A 1991 batch officer of Indian Postal Service, Subrat Das is seeking a Kolkata based Joint Secretary level posting, on central deputation.





MECL Board to be empty in 2017

The Board of Mineral Exploration Corporation Limited (MECL) is going to be empty in 2017. Director Technical, R N Jha; Director Finance S M Maruvada and CMD, Dr Gopal Dhawan are due to retire in 2017.






Move to disinvest a profit making Petroleum PSU ?

The Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas is whispered to be planning to disinvest its one of the profit making Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs).






Chauhan to be IG, CRPF in Chhattisgarh

D S Chauhan is moving to Chhattisgarh as IG CRPF. He is 1988 nbatch IPS officer of Uttar Pradesh cadre.





Mary John Transferred to Delhi

Ms D. Mary John, Dy Director, PIB, Chennai has been transferred to AIR News, New Delhi, in the same capacity. She is an IIS officer.





Non-Kannad speaking staff fleeing Karnataka based Petroleum CPSE ?

Non-Kannad speaking staff members are fleeing a Karnataka based schedule 'B' Miniratna CPSE in Petroleum sector under the administrative control of Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas, due to regional discriminations.






Dr Nirmal Chandra Asthana empanelled as ADG in GoI

Dr Nirmal Chandra Asthana has been empanelled for holding Additional Director General level posts in Government of India. He is a 1986 batch IPS officer of Kerala cadre.






Saket kumar Singh empanelled as DIG in GoI

Saket Kumar Singh has been empanelled for holding Deputy Inspector General (DIG) level posts in Government of India. He is a 2002 batch IPS officer of Jharkhand cadre.






Goel promoted to ADG, CPWD

A K Goel has been promoted to the grade of Additional Director General Works in the Central Public Works Department.






Tarun Prasad Lal appointed as DGM & Spl Secretary to Chairman, Corp Centre, Mumbai SBI

Tarun Prasad Lala, DGM (B &O), Administrative Office, Varanasi, Lucknow circle, has been transferred and posted as DGM, & Special Secretary to Chairman, Corporate Centre, Mumbai in State Bank of India.






On premature repatriation, Jeetendra Singh promoted as ED, Mobility (Elect.)

On premature repatriation to Niti Ayog, Jeetendra Singh has been promoted as Executive Director, Mobility(Electrical), Railway Board. He is an IRSEE officer.






Sandeep Srivastava promoted as ED,(Infra/System), Railway Board

Sandeep Srivastava has been promoted as Executive Director (Infra/System), Railway Board. He is an IRSEE officer.







Two IRS-IT officers get postings

Sandeep Kumar has been appointed as Secretary, AAR, Principal Bench while Ajit Kumar Singh was posted as Secretary, AAR, NCR Bench.






Abraham John deputed as Deputy CPM, DFCCI

Abraham John has been deputed as Deputy CPM/Finance/Mumbai/North, Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India Limited. He is an IRAS officer.





R K Verma promoted as Principal Chief Engineer, CPE

R K Verma has been promoted to the grade of Principal Chief Engineer, Central Power Engineering in the Central Electricity Authority.






Post of Bhupendra Sahu as GM, FCI upgraded to Director level

The post of Bhupendra Sahu as General Manager, FCI, Ahmedabad has been upgraded to the grade of Director. He is a 1999 batch IPS officer of Rajasthan cadre.





Sumati Kumar joins Simla

Sumati Kumar has been transferred from Simla to PCDA , Chandigarh. Kumar is a 1994 batch IDAS officer.






MMTC Director, Anand Trivedi suspended

Anand Trivedi, Director Marketing, Metals and Minerals Trading Corporation of India (MMTC), has been placed under suspension.





Four officers promoted to Chief Engineer Civil in BRO

Four officers have been promoted to the grade of Chief Engineer Civil in the Border Roads Organisaiton. The officers include: Subodh Kumar Tripathi, Debasish Bhattacharya, Rajiv Makkar and Praveen Kumar Hanumant Singh.





Ghanshyam Jha promoted to Chairman, CWC grade

Ghanshyam Jha has been promoted to the grade of Chairman, Central Water Commission in the Central Water Engineering (Group A) Service.c





Narender Kumar II promoted to Chairman, CWC grade

Narender Kumar-II has been promoted to the grade of Chairman, Central Water Commission in the Central Water Engineering (Group A) Service.





Four officers promoted to Special DG Civil grade in CPWD

Four officers have been promoted to the grade of Special Director General Civil in Central Public Works Department (CPWD). The officers are: S K Srivastava, Nand Lal Singh, Anil Kumar Garg, P P Srinivasan and Ramesh Chandra.





Tenure of Navneet Verma as DG, CMSS extended

The deputation tenure of Navneet Verma as Director General and Chief Executive Officer, Central Medical Services society (CMSS), New Delhi, has been extended for a period of one year. He is a 1985 batch IDAS officer.





Kashinath Jha is also CFO, IPPB

Kashinath Jha, GM (Finance), BD & M Directorate, has been assigned an additional charge of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in